Paddle Tennis at Western Racquet Club

Stay active in winter

Paddle tennis is a game of doubles played on heated outdoor courts, mostly in the winter months. It is scored just like tennis, except there is only one serve. Paddle is a quick-paced game with fast-moving points and matches.

No experience, no problem

Paddle tennis is easy to learn and you can start to play matches as soon as you pick up a paddle, especially if you have tennis experience. Paddle and tennis are great sports to play hand-in-hand, as each will help you improve your skills at the other.

Stay active, socialize and unwind at WRC

Western Racquet Club is one of only a few locations in the Milwaukee area that offers this entertaining winter sport, and there’s no better place to play than at our Club. Enjoy camaraderie and fun on the courts and then warm up around the bonfire or at the bar for pizza and drinks once you finish your game. Many people who play our courts say they are the nicest in the area, and the social aspect at WRC can’t be beat.

The WRC staff is here to ensure you have an amazing experience, whether our bar staff is bringing you drinks between rounds or our Certified Paddle Pro, Scott Broady, is giving you a lesson to improve your game.

Learn more about paddle
Check out these links to learn more about paddle tennis:

Paddle Reservations

There is no charge for walk-on use. If you would like to reserve a court for a specific time, play will be billed through the Pro Shop. Permanent court times are also available, meaning you can have the court at the same time every week for play.

WRC Paddle Leagues & Events

WRC Co-Ed Paddle League | Date TBD
Our co-ed league meets weekly during the season (Jan - early spring) for competitive play. The league is open to members of all ability levels and an experienced paddle player will attend each week to help you with your game. Join in the fun!

Drill & Play | Tuesdays, 6:30 - 7:30pm
This drill, run by certified platform tennis instructor, Scott Broady, is open to all members. No tennis or paddle experience is required.

Paddle Ladder | Wednesday evenings
One of our members runs a paddle ladder for men and women of all experience levels every Wednesday.

To learn more about WRC paddle, contact Scott Carson at and he’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Paddle Tennis image

Paddle Tennis Image